Wiring Instructions

what you need:

  • 14 or 16 AWG gauge speaker or “hook up” wire. (5 – 25 feet)  like this
  • Grounded wall plug. like this
  • 3/8 inch heat shrink (red and black)
  • 24v AC to DC power supply. (2 – 15 Amps) like this
  • screwdriver
  • wire cutters / strippers
  • solder and soldering iron


There is a mating XT60 connector attached to the tile, this gets soldered to one end of the speaker or “hook up” wire. There are + and – marks on the XT60 connector. The other end mounts to the + and – 24v output terminals on the power supply. Some heat-shrink is also good to apply over the solder joints to reinforce them.


To plug the supply in to the wall, you just need a grounded plug, this can be any extension cable or pc power cord. Cut the end off that does not attach to the wall, and strip the wires. There will be a green/brown, white/blue, and black cable. Black is the “hot” wire, it connects to the L terminal, white is neutral, or negative, and attaches to the N terminal, and green is ground and connects to the T looking symbol.


You can optionally crimp or solder connector plates to the end as shown.


The final product will look similar to this, your cables may vary in length.